Financial Markets and Commodities

Weather impacts business three months or more into the future. We use solid scientific methods to predict weather - and how it will impact business.

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U.S. Weather Outlook

Get our detailed 30-90 day outlook every week, plus daily updates on severe weather, tropical storms, hurricanes and winter storms. Plus you'll get access to our invitation only Twitter feed.

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A Note From Chris

You have to put a lot of trust in a weather forecast if you are using it to base stock trades, run a business or to make travel plans. I understand that... (click to read more)

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The squawk-box system, used at brokerage firms for years, was an open line of communication.

WeatherSquawk uses Twitter as the “open line” of weather information ranging from our insights on weather and how it impacts business to travel weather. If you’re involved in business in anyway, you’ll find the information we provide to be timely and top-notch.

The information you get isn’t an aggregate of weather stories and forecasts. Rather, it is information produced by our own meteorologists who know how weather impacts business worldwide. There are a lot of free sites where you can get National Weather Service forecasts. We go way beyond what they do and all of our information is geared to business and travel.

We look forward to seeing you @WeatherSquawk